Why the FREE Mini-Course "You First Small Talk in Ukrainian"?

Do you want to chat with Ukrainians, even if it's just a bit?Are you at the beginning of your Ukrainian language journey, unsure where to start?Feeling a bit nervous about using vocabulary in real conversations?
If this sounds like you, our free mini-course is perfect for you!


About the Course

Our free course is designed to help you go beyond the basics like "Привіт" (Hello), "Будь ласка" (Please), and "Дякую" (Thank you). With our quick and effective methods, you’ll expand your vocabulary and gain confidence in your conversations.
Created by Inna Sopronchuk, an experienced Ukrainian language teacher, this course includes 3 short video lessons for absolute beginners. You'll learn how to engage in basic conversations with native speakers. 
Plus, after each lesson, you'll receive a bonus! First, you'll get Self-presentation vocabulary to help you introduce yourself confidently. Next, Basic sentence construction will make it easy to put together clear sentences. Finally, enjoy Dialogues with audio to practice listening and speaking with real conversations.

What You'll Achieve

By the end of this course, you will:

Introduce yourself in Ukrainian with ease.

Access and learn from a basic Ukrainian vocabulary list of up to 300 words.

Build simple sentences and understand their usage in conversations.

Form positive, negative, and question sentences.

Respond to Ukrainians during simple dialogues.

Practice 100 useful Ukrainian phrases every beginner should know.

Student Testimonials

Hear what our students have to say about the course:

"An excellent introduction to Ukrainian! The lessons are short but packed with useful information. Highly recommend!"


"This course gave me the confidence to start speaking with my Ukrainian friends. The vocabulary lists are incredibly helpful." 


"I loved the clear explanations and practical examples. Perfect for beginners!" 


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