Spreading the language of an unconquerable nation

Our Mission

is to spread the language of an unconquerable nation. As language is integral to preserving a nation's identity and existence, we aim to share the rich culture and history of Ukraine throughout the world by teaching Ukrainian.To achieve this, we have created a welcoming educational space. With expert teachers, our online Ukrainian courses, textbooks, and flashcards, we enable learners to become fluent in Ukrainian and gain a deeper understanding of Ukrainian culture and heritage.

Why Learn With Us?

Over 1000 students from 54 countries worldwide.

17 professional instructors with PhD and Master's degrees and over 7 years of experience.

4 years of proven success shown by loyal, returning students and their high satisfaction rates.

Personalized lessons tailored to each student's level and needs

An extensive collection of proprietary methodologies and authored materials.

90% of our students achieve the next proficiency level within just 6 months.

Explore Our Educational Arsenal

All you need to begin your Ukrainian adventure


Individual lessons 

Work one-on-one with our experienced teachers to improve your Ukrainian language skills at your own pace with a personalized program.


Beginner course

Join our expertly designed intensive course, crafted from years of teaching experience, and gain confidence in Ukrainian.



Discover our range of textbooks, perfect for learning Ukrainian from beginner to advanced levels.



Enhance your vocabulary with our flashcards featuring common Ukrainian words and phrases, perfect for reinforcing your learning.

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Students Testimonials

Read the success stories of our students to find out why they have chosen our school.

Meet Our Team

Our team is our pride. Each teacher is passionate about providing the best education for our students.


Nataliya Havdyda


Nataliya Trots


Maryna Lavryk

In the Media

Our journey has caught the attention of media outlets around the world. They've shared stories about our amazing students and our unique approach to teaching in both Ukrainian and international press.It's been inspiring Ukrainians to embrace their language and sparking curiosity in learners worldwide.

Our Blog

Stay updated with our latest articles on Ukrainian culture and language



We've built an amazing community on Telegram. It brings together individuals worldwide who share a passion for preserving and promoting the beauty of the Ukrainian language and traditions.Every post is an opportunity to learn new Ukrainian words and explore the culture. Learning with us is an adventure where you'll feel part of our global family.

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