Intensive Ukrainian Course with Inna

“From an Absolute Beginner to a Confident Speaker”

8 weeks to learn how to read, speak and write in Ukrainian at a solid beginner level
This course was taught by Inna at Oxford University
You'll follow a proven system focused on essential topics and vocabulary for effective communication.
Over 800 students around the whole world took this course.

    The next wave of the course will start on September 9, 2024.


We've updated our best-selling course based on the reviews of our students.

You will be able to boost your Ukrainian language level with the help of a new gamified and adaptive platform.Our revamped course offers a mobile app version, making it easier than ever to study Ukrainian on the go.Accessible anytime, anywhere from your phone, our app ensures flexibility and mobility in your Ukrainian learning journey.Our goal is to make your learning process easy and fun.

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When You Join the Course "From an Absolute Beginner to a Confident Speaker" , You Will Receive:

Clear grammar


Master the fundamentals of Ukrainian grammar with lessons designed to make even the most complex rules easy to understand and apply.

Essential vocabulary


Learn basic vocabulary and phrases that you can use in real-life situations in Ukraine. Access PDF vocabulary lists to enhance your learning.

Flexible and convenient schedule


Learn Ukrainian on your own schedule with our flexible program, allowing you to study at your convenience and pace.

Experienced team


Study with seasoned teachers, all holding PhD and Master's degrees and with over 7 years of teaching expertise. Receive personalized support and feedback to help you thrive.

Right pronunciation


Refine your intonation, stress, and pronunciation with personalized feedback from a curator and clear examples from native speakers, helping you improve your speaking skills effectively.

Engaging platform


Enjoy learning Ukrainian through interesting interactions, quizzes, and engagement on a gamified platform designed to make education fun and interactive.

Wondering if You're a Good Fit for this Course?


Want to show support for Ukraine and contribute to strengthening its identity. Volunteer or wish to help rebuild Ukraine after its victory.


Enjoy learning new languages and are looking for a new challenge that offers both personal and professional growth opportunities.


Want to travel to Ukraine, communicate with Ukrainian family, relatives, and friends, or meet new people among the locals.


Have Ukrainian roots and want to connect with them by learning how to speak, think, and feel in the language of their ancestors.


Have Ukrainian colleagues or business in Ukraine and it is important for them to make connections there.


Admire the Ukrainian culture and want to explore it fully in our native language.

Course Features

25 Engaging lessons and 2 live streams

New lessons are available every two days, accessible anytime. Additionally, there will be 2 live streams hosted by a curator, providing an opportunity to ask any questions you might have. You have options to watch them live or access recorded sessions later at your convenience.

Lesson study guides, workbooks and quizzes

After each lesson, you will receive PDF study guides summarizing key concepts. Workbook tasks with new vocabulary and quizzes will help you revise the material better. It will be fun and efficient!

Awarding system

Learn, earn points, unlock new levels, and watch your progress soar. Collect badges as you progress for an extra dose of fun and rewards! Gather them all to enhance and elevate your learning experience. This keeps you motivated and maintains your enthusiasm for learning.

Live community

Our new platform has an integrated community where you have access to a study forum for collaboration with other students. The community is supported by a dedicated curator.

Certificate and discount

Once you finish the course, you will receive a certificate. Additionally, there's a 30% discount on individual lessons for those who complete the course. It's a win-win: recognition for your hard work and savings for future learning!

Personal homework feedback

Complete your homework assignments after every lesson, and our dedicated curator will provide personalized feedback. Gain insights into your strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring a customized learning journey.

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Course Content

  • Module 0

     Introduction Lesson 1. Part 1: Introduction to the Ukrainian language. The Cyrillic Alphabet. Lesson 1. Part 2: The Ukrainian Alphabet. Vowels and Consonants copy

  • Module 1

     Lesson 1. Part 1: Reading Syllables and Simple Words Lesson 2: Personal pronouns. Greeting words. How are you? What is your name? Lesson 3: Affirmative and negative sentences. General question. Affirmative and negative answers.

  • Module 2

     Lesson 5: The Noun. Gender of the noun. Nominative case. How to introduce yourself. Lesson 6: Vocative case. Formal and informal address. Getting acquainted with people. Lesson 7: Possessive pronouns. Talking about your Family.

  • Module 3

     Lesson 8: The verb “to have”. Accusative case Lesson 9: The verb. Present Tense. The First Conjugation Group. Lesson 10: Second Conjugation Group. Common Ukrainian verbs.

  • Module 4

     Lesson 11: Reflexive verbs. Talking about Daily routine. Lesson 12. Part 1: Genitive case. Cardinal Numbers 0-19. Lesson 12. Part 2: Genitive case. Cardinal Numbers 0-19. Lesson 13: Adjective. Agreement with the Ukrainian nouns. Colors.

  • Module 5

     Lesson 14. Part 1: Basic food vocabulary. Ukrainian traditional food. Lesson 14. Part 2: Basic food vocabulary. Ukrainian traditional food. Lesson 15: Modal verb “can”. How to order food&drinks in Ukrainian. Lesson 16: Where are you from? Locative case.

  • Module 6

     Lesson 17: What`s your job. Hobby. Instrumental case. Lesson 18: Telling about the time and seasons. Ordinal numerals. Lesson 19: Verbs of motion. Transportation.

  • Module 7

     Lesson 20. Part 1: Hotel vocabulary. Cardinal Numbers 20 – 1 000. Lesson 20. Part 2: Hotel vocabulary. Cardinal Numbers 20 – 1 000. Lesson 21. Part 1: Ordinal numbers 0-100. My house.● Lesson 21. Part 2: Ordinal numbers 0-100. My house. Lesson 22: The Past and Future Simple Tenses

  • Module 8

     Lesson 23: Ukrainian currency. Shopping. Clothes. Lesson 24: Ukrainian Holidays. Dative case Lesson 25: Travel to Ukraine.

After Completing the Course, You will Be Able to:

● Read in the Ukrainian language easily.● Understand how the grammar works and how to use it in your speech.● Build sentences correctly and understand their logic.● Gain the most common 700 words and phrases.● Develop a feeling for the language.● Have conversations with Ukrainians● Describe different situations.● Express feelings and thoughts.
Knowledge of the language will make you feel comfortable in Ukrainian society!


Student Testimonials

I have started this course with zero knowledge about Ukrainian or any Slavic language. At the end of it, I am able to read, understand and have a basic knowledge of Ukrainian grammar. I feel that if I were to go to Ukraine right now, I would have no problem getting around and having basic conversations with native speakers. The course is intense, packed with information, very well presented through video, text and audio recordings of vocabulary and dialogues. The support group was very helpful, as participants could interact and help each other; also teachers kept track of progress, verified homework or answered individual questions. Inna and her teachers are such a joy to work with, highly qualified, friendly and accommodating. Also a very well organized team. I am very happy for making this choice and I intend to continue my study of Ukrainian language through individual lessons. I highly recommend this course.

Magda Slack


I really enjoyed the ‘Absolute Beginner to Confident Speaker’ course. With no prior knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet, I am now able to sound out letters and read Ukrainian words. I can put together simple sentences and have learnt the basics about the 7 different cases. Inna is a very engaging, patient teacher, whose passion for her culture and language shines through in her enthusiastic teaching style. I highly recommend anyone thinking about learning Ukrainian language to give it a go and sign up to the beginner course. I look forward to learning more with Inna in the future.

Karen Liddy


I really enjoyed the course! It is very well organized, and exactly what I needed to learn the basics of Ukrainian language. Inna is a great teacher and explains everything very clearly, even more difficult subjects like Ukrainian cases. It is a very intensive course, so I definitely will need to go over the learning materials again to learn all the vocabulary and practice the cases. I also purchased Inna's book “Master Ukrainian Cases” so I'm looking forward to doing the exercises. Overall, I am very glad I signed up for this course, and I hope that Inna continues with an intermediate level program. Дуже дякую Інно for all your hard work in creating this program, it is very much appreciated. 💙💛

Caroline Beauvais-Kostiew


I really enjoyed learning Ukrainian in this online course. I was an absolute beginner of Ukrainian and the course materials were perfect for me. Not only the materials were well made, but also from a non-native English speaker’s view, it helped me a lot that Inna’s English as a teaching language was very clear and easy to understand. I will keep learning Ukrainian, thank you!

Yuki Yoshigae


I’ve searched many places for a Ukrainian language online course and this was by far the most comprehensive, well structured, in depth course I’ve found! This course does a great job on laying out the foundations of Ukrainian grammar with a variety of materials, exercises, homework, and quizzes to help learn! Highly recommend.

Matthew Ketterer


I am absolutely satisfied, even thrilled, with the Speak Ukrainian course from Inna. There are so few Ukrainian speakers and teachers here in Wisconsin that this course was perfect for me to get started in this beautiful language. Of course, the military aggression against your country was one of the main reasons I decided to learn to speak with you. Now I hope to be able to help, in some way, at some time, as Ukraine starts to rebuild!

Don Louis Bredle


I speak, read, and write a number of languages, which I used daily in my work. I have studied languages in school, at university, and on my own. The structure and content of this course are amazingly effective in helping the learner achieve basic oral, written, and reading skills. The content is not just tourist vocabulary. The vital areas of phonetics and grammar are well covered with conversational basics and very practical vocabulary. You have to do the work! But the content format and delivery are so well-paced. Follow her instructions and you will be amazed at your results. Inna is a very special teacher. What she has created here is a love letter to the Ukrainian language, and a gift to anyone interested in properly learning to communicate in Ukrainian. I do hope she will create a course for the next level of Ukrainian language learners. The price of this course and any of the additional learning materials (textbook - SO valuable!; flashcards, online speaking lessons with qualified teachers) are such a steal! I cannot wait to see her dream of a Ukrainian language and cultural center come to life!

Jane Conners


I would highly recommend taking the course “From Absolute beginner to confident speaker”, if you have any interest in expanding your knowledge of Ukrainian Language beyond Duolingo, LingQ or other similar sources. There are three tiers to choose from, increasing in price. The first is the most basic and is just the course, and no extras. The second tier, which I did, you have a group chat with other students and a teacher, I had Iryna. There, we had discussions about the topics learned, quizzes and practice paragraphs with our instructor. Iryna was excellent at answering questions and supporting us. I personally think the time comitment is minimum of 6 hours per week, though honestly for me I did about 8 hours/week doing the basic course. If I had more time, I would have spent more time reviewing what I had learned, and participating more in the chat and bonus exercises. The first week is review the alphabet, which I was familiar with, but it was still beneficial making sure my pronunciations were correct. It then went through the 7 cases, which was 🤌👌, and through other important topics like reflexive verbs, past and futures tenses as well as daily vocabulary, ordinal and cardinal numbers.

Caitlin MacLeod


Inna's course is a fantastic introduction to Ukrainian. I signed up to the course because I was really enjoying Duolingo, but many things on there are confusing at first because the app does not give any explanations or deeper reasons behind rules and grammar. That is what I needed to progress so I started watching some of Inna's YouTube videos. Inna has a knack for presenting overwhelming topics clearly and with simple explanations. The lessons are very manageable in length and I like Inna's presenting style, it's friendly yet focused! Finally, I live in a small town and unfortunately there aren't any options for Ukrainian language classes nearby, so this was a brilliant alternative. Thanks to the whole team at SpeakUA, I'm looking forward to the next level of the course when it's released!

Tom Nellist


Flexible Payment Offer

Get the course for just $67 in three easy installments instead of paying $199 upfront.
This option aims to make the course more accessible and budget-friendly for you

Ready to join us? Here's what's included:

● 25 lessons● Student Success Guide● PDF Study Guides for each lesson● PDF Workbooks for each lesson to practice what you've learned● Certificate


● Two interactive Zoom sessions with your course mentor● Feedback on submitted homework within the course platform● Access to a study forum for collaboration with other students● Customer service support from the team via email● A 30% discount on individual lessons upon completion of a course!


Boost Your Ukrainian with Mini Speaking Lessons!

8 Engaging Lessons for $ 80

 20-minute fun and focused sessions.

  Practice with a professional native teacher.

  Choose your topics – tailor each lesson to your interests.

  Flexible scheduling – select lesson times that fit your routine.

  Improve pronunciation and conversation skills.

Upon purchasing the 8-lesson package, our admin will provide prompt access to our booking system for scheduling your mini-speaking lessons. Practice Ukrainian with confidence alongside our experienced instructors.

Meet your Teachers


Inna Sopronchuk is the author of the course.

Inna Sopronchuk is a professional native Ukrainian teacher. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Linguistics. Additionally, she is the Founder, CEO, and content creator of an online language school, “Speak Ukrainian.” Inna is the author of the textbooks “Master Ukrainian Cases”, “Easy Ukrainian Dialogues”, three sets of flashcards, an app, and two online courses.
Having been teaching Ukrainian to second-language learners for more than 7 years, Inna taught the course “From an Absolute Beginner to a Confident Speaker” at Oxford University in 2023. She has also organized and conducted offline courses in London.
Her goal is to be your guide to both the language and culture of Ukraine. Inna firmly believes that with a consistent and well-structured learning plan, you can achieve great results in learning the Ukrainian language. Her mission is to spread the beauty of the Ukrainian language across the globe.

Iryna Topolnicka is the curator of the course.

Iryna Topolnicka is a translator, a Ukrainian as a Second Language Teacher, and a CELTA Qualified English Teacher. Iryna obtained her degree in Translation and Interpreting Studies from the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas.
She has been working as a Ukrainian Second Language Teacher since 2011. Iryna is the author of a workbook and has published several scientific articles. She adores traveling, reading detective stories, and teaching. The latter is her passion, and most of her students always find her dedicated, encouraging, and inspiring. Known for her enthusiasm, creativity, organization, and responsibility, she excels as a team worker.
Iryna’s philosophy: Every student is individual and unique, so we need to be flexible and adapt our teaching style to help everyone learn effectively


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  • How does the course work?

    The course, “From Absolute Beginner to Confident Speaker,” includes 25 video lessons organized into 8 modules, plus extra learning materials and homework. The next wave will start on September 9, 2024. We’ve added fun activities, quizzes, challenges, and simulations to help you learn better. As you go through the course, you’ll earn points, move up levels, and see how much you’ve learned, which makes it more exciting. You’ll find all the materials you need for the course in your account.

  • How can I access the live stream?

    There will be two live streams: one midway through the course and another at the end. You can watch them online live or later as recorded versions. Access will be provided directly in your account.

  • How can I sign up for the course?

    To sign up, simply select the “From an Absolute Beginner to a Confident Speaker” course and click on the “Reserve Your Spot Now” button. Please note that enrolling in this course requires payment for the credit option and setting up an account.

  • How about the homework?

    For each lesson, you’ll find homework assignments in your account, which we recommend completing after you’ve watched the video. Our curator will review your homework on the course forum and give you personalized feedback.

  • How does curator support work?

    As a member of our course community, you’ll have the chance to connect, collaborate, and share insights with other participants. The curator will supply extra materials, address your queries, among other things. In this forum, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask more questions, participate in discussions about the lessons, and gain further guidance.

  • Can I pause my course access?

    If you’re sick, going on a business trip, or something unexpected happens, you have the option to pause your access to the course for two weeks. Once this period is over, your access will be automatically reinstated. Please note, this option is available for one-time use only. Should you need to pause your course access, kindly reach out to us via email at .moc.aukaeps%40ofni

  • Can I receive a refund if I decide not to take the course?

    Yes, you can get a refund if you cancel before the course starts. Once the course begins, you’ll gain full access to the video lessons and learning materials, and at that point, we won’t be able to offer a refund.

  • How about additional learning resources?

    For each lesson, we provide supplementary materials, including audio files for pronunciation practice, engaging audio dialogues, and memos featuring grammar tables and vocabulary lists in PDF format. You can download these materials to your device for easy access and review whenever you need.