Lessons for Kids and Teens

At "Speak Ukrainian," we focus on teaching Ukrainian and sparking a passion for language, culture, and connection in your children's hearts.

You Can Use Some Methods of Learning Ukrainian for Kids from Our Teachers

  • Play learning games

  • Use Ukrainian flashcards

  • Watch learning videos

  • Read Ukrainian books and stories

  • Watch Ukrainian cartoons

Why Choose Speak Ukrainian for Your Child's Language Journey?

  • Experienced and professional teachers

    Our seasoned teachers bring language learning to life. With an educational background and a deep understanding of child mindset, they create a dynamic, engaging, and safe online learning environment.

  • Tailored programs for every age

    Our youngest student was just 4.5 years old. The key is that the child can understand and communicate well in English. So from the lively child curiosity to the focused studies of teens, our programs adapt to the needs of each age group. For the little ones, we infuse short lessons with play, songs, and interactive games, making learning a joyous adventure. We explore your child's interests and adjust our program for the best results.

  • Interactive and dynamic lessons

    We understand the importance of keeping young minds engaged. Our lessons are full of visuals, videos, songs, and even physical activities. Learning is not boring stuff for our little learners but an exciting journey where new words and phrases come to life.

  • Results-oriented approach

    Our methodology blends traditional grammar foundations with modern, interactive techniques. From basic greetings to complex grammar for middle and high schoolers, we ensure a comprehensive language learning experience. Regular homework reinforces classroom learning and fosters independent study habits.

  • Parental involvement

    While it's recommended for parents to be nearby during the first lessons, children often succeed in their learning when studying on their own. Our approach ensures children become more attentive, independent learners who rely on their knowledge, with the teacher always ready to help.

  • Cultural connection and identity

    For Ukrainian-origin families, our lessons become a bridge to heritage and roots. We celebrate Ukrainian culture, traditions, and customs, fostering a sense of identity in our young learners.

Our Students Speak about Themselves

Anita and Layla: 
A heartwarming mother-daughter duo from Australia, mastering Ukrainian to connect with their roots after their family emigrated from Ukraine. Layla, at 16, speaks fluently and writes proficiently after just a year of learning starting with basic knowledge. Layla has to take a break from her Ukrainian studies, but we are waiting for her to return and are happy about the warm feedback she left:
“I have enjoyed them over the last year so much and I will for sure miss them as you are a wonderful teacher, and I am so happy with how much I have learnt! I however would love to return if possible in the future…”

Three Brothers:
Proud bearers of generations of Ukrainian language speakers.
Active and inspired, just look at the wonderful presentation of Ukraine prepared by one of the brothers at his school:

Moreover, the boys recorded a video greeting for the school's birthday, and we are incredibly appreciative and inspired by such gestures of our beloved students:

Their mother expresses gratitude for the joy of hearing her sons speak the language of their ancestors:

"We are so grateful to you Natalia for providing such fun instruction for the boys and yesterday my two big boys were conversing with their aunt and uncle in Ukrainian. My heart swelled with such joy and gratitude to you!"

Zach, the Artist:
A 14-year-old discovers Ukrainian to communicate with new friends at school. Through thematic lessons tailored to his hobbies, Zach now reads, writes, and confidently expresses himself after almost half a year of studying.
(очікується відгук та дозвіл на використання ім’я)

Your Child's Ukrainian Language Journey Begins Here!

We help students learn and grow by being creative, respecting their uniqueness, and adding cultural richness to every lesson.

Invest in your child's future. Enroll today and let the Ukrainian language become a vibrant part of their journey!

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