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Embark on a language-learning journey like never before with the Speak Ukrainian mobile app, carefully designed to improve your Ukrainian language skills
Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your vocabulary, our app is your key to mastering the beauty of Ukrainian words and phrases.

What's Inside?

The app contains our popular sets of fascinating flashcards for learning Ukrainian words and phrases:


"200 common Ukrainian verbs"

Understanding verbs is crucial as they form the backbone of language, enabling effective communication and expression of actions and states. Dive into Ukrainian verbs with accurate pronunciation guides, English translations, real-life examples, and easy-to-follow conjugation charts - all crafted to make learning clear, engaging, and effective.


"200 common Ukrainian adjectives"

Adjectives in Ukrainian not only make the language sound beautiful but also add depth and subtlety to expression. Their frequent use enriches communication. Our collection of 200 common Ukrainian adjectives provides key adjectives used in everyday conversations with clear definitions, English translations, and practical examples.


"100 Ukrainian idioms"

Idioms are linguistic gems - expressions where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. They offer unique insights into the culture, worldview and traditions of Ukraine. They enrich language skills from basic to advanced levels, giving you the ability to understand native speakers, grasp cultural nuances, and communicate more effectively in Ukrainian.


Interactive voiceovers

Hear every word come to life with our professional voiceovers in English and Ukrainian. With clear pronunciations and natural intonations, it's like having a native speaker in your pocket!


Advanced learning

Easily locate and manage words with our app's search feature. Organize vocabulary into 'learned' and 'unlearned' categories for a personalized learning journey that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness.


Exclusive subscription offer

Discover our subscription for complete access to all words and phrases. Join today to maximize your learning experience!

What's Next?


Continuous innovation

Stay tuned! We have exciting plans for 2024, including new features and expanded capabilities. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome as we shape the future of our app together

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