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Hello, everyone! 

Dear fans of the Ukrainian language and culture, dear friends, we have been in the Speak Ukrainian Community for almost 4 months, and there is one thing that needs to be fixed - I should introduce myself.
My name is Oksana, I am a teacher of Speak Ukrainian school. I've been managing this channel since August 2023. I also reply to your comments in the chat. Hope that each of you finds something interesting, useful and educational in this community. So, let's keep going!

Our Community

is a treasure trove of fascinating facts, cultural insights, and exciting tips that transport you straight to the heart of Ukraine.

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    and much much more

Every post is a doorway to expanding your Ukrainian vocabulary and cultural understanding, turning learning into a fun and exciting adventure.


Our greatest desire is to preserve and promote Ukrainian heritage — our strength and will.Become a part of our global Ukrainian family. Share your thoughts, experiences, and love for Ukraine with kindred spirits.

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