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Sing while studying! (eBook)
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The coursebook “Sing while studying!” is designed to interest foreigners in learning
the Ukrainian language. The task of the coursebook is not only to improve language
and speech knowledge and skills in an unusual, interesting way, but also to acquaint students with the song culture of the Ukrainian people, traditions, customs,
everyday life. It contains folk and modern songs, a set of pre-text and post-text
A variety of tasks makes it possible to choose and implement an individual approach to learning. Each part of the workshop begins with a song dictionary, which presents interesting lexical units from the song text. A set of pre-text exercises involves actualization, practicing, repetition of language knowledge based on lexical and grammatical units of the song: synonymous and antonymic connections between lexemes, work with root words, phraseological units, etc. Theoretical material, presented in the form of short comments, small diagrams, helps to restore knowledge in the memory of students. Listening to songs affects the emotional state of the student, activating the desire for learning, forms the correct sense of pronunciation. The coursebook proposes tasks for the development of monologue and dialogic speech after watching the video clip and listening to the song (discussion of the theme and idea of the song, characterization of sensations that causes a musical work), listening skills (filling in the gaps in the lyrics of the song, taking notes of familiar language units). Singing the whole song or a part of it will contribute to improving pronunciation. Post-text exercises require consolidation of the material. Individual tasks are based on the life experience of students. There are also tasks in the form of a game (who is faster, who is more, crosswords). The work on the song ends with individual or group project work that has a practical direction.

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Publisher: Hrytsenko O.V

Release Date: May 29, 2024

Number of pages – 142

ISBN: 9786178139551

Languages: English, Ukrainian

Download options: PDF